Sunday, July 10, 2011

HDR of a Banana Slug

banana Slug

Banana Slugs are the perfect subject for HDR photos of wildlife. They don’t really move much. This one was stuck on the fountain in from of our rental house in Trinidad, Ca. It stayed there all morning.

I learned a valuable lesson. Banana Slugs are slimy. The slime does not wash off easily either. I picked a small one up to show my mom (she does not get around very well). It took my five minutes of hand washing and some vigorous toweling to rid myself of the small amount of slime on my fingers. I’ll never touch one again.

This HDR photo was a three shot sequence hand held with a 1 f-stop auto bracket. 

I’m back… but I’m off again on a business trip. It will be a few days until I can start posting again. I’ll put some photos up when I can.

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