Monday, June 20, 2011

Sexual demons made him do it?

I did not realize that in the pathetic pantheon of Christian excuses for bad behavior there were demons specifically focused on sexual crimes. What do I know?

Youth pastor Michael Tuano Hermogenes to the court in Australia that “sexual demons” caused him to suffocate, rape, molest, burn, and photograph a 14-year-old girl. He missed being charged with murder only because people stepped in to save the girl.

Crown prosecutor Andrew Grant said that after Hermogenes made the girl unconscious, he raped her and took her body to the bathroom.

He piled her clothes nearby and went to buy petrol, which he then poured over the girl and around the house.

Hermogenes set the girl and the house on fire after taking photos of her while she was naked and unconscious.

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WTF? It gets worse too. His attorney pleaded for leniency because the youth pastor was now remorseful. How can he be remorseful if demons possessed him? That does not make any sense at all. If demons possessed Hermogenes, then he was not responsible for his actions because other entities were in control of his mind and body. He had no free will, therefore no culpability. The court should let him go and tell him to be mindful of demon possession in the future. Or not - I think a deep dark cell in the worst prison in Australia sounds about right.