Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another brick in the fundie wall

A California school dealt with a stealth Christian fundie attack by canceling its fund raising effort and returning $40 in donations. Two fundies, Lou Ann Hart and Sheryl Caronna, tried to sneak bible versus into a memorial brick fundraising effort. The bricks were to be placed in walkways throughout the school. Bible verses included:

  • Tell everyone about God’s power – Psalm 68:34
  • The old life is gone. A new one has begun 2Co 5:17
  • No one can serve two masters. Luke 17:13
  • Be kind to each other…forgive on another. Eph 5:31

I love the way the school dealt with the potential legal issues. They simple cancelled the effort. There will be no long battle in court and no large legal bills. The Christians will not get to make their point, nor will they get to drop their bible turds throughout the high school campus. Instead, the poor children of Palm Desert High School in Palm Desert, Calif., will do without their music program or some such. It’s such a shame.

At least the cancellation of the program miffed the fundies.

"It is cowardly to shut down everyone's participation in this program simply out of animosity toward Christian speech," Cortman said. "There is absolutely nothing unconstitutional about a Bible verse on a brick when a school opens up a program for anyone to express a personal message. The school could simply have allowed the Bible verses, but instead, it chose to punish everyone."

Read more: California School District Cancels Fundraiser After Submission of Scripture-Inscribed Bricks

I’d prefer that our public schools not be plastered with Christian dogma. I’d prefer we do not waste precious tax payer funds on frivolous lawsuits when California schools are rated near the bottom in the country. I’d prefer Christians plaster their own walkways with bible verses, or whatever else they need to indoctrinate their own children. Leave my kids alone. They are in school for an education free from the stink of religion. They are there to learn to think and not learn to fear your make-believe god.

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