Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is an inappropriate call anyway?

If I sere to call a teen and propositioned her with inappropriate sexual comments, her father would likely kick my ass before sending the police over for a follow-up beat down. It’s what you expect when behavior deviates from the norm to an extent that it becomes predatory, deviant, or simply sick. As a father I would solve the problem directly. I’m a law and order (to a point) kind of guy, so the authorities would be involved very early in process if it were appropriate. I applaud this approach when I see it. Especially when it comes to priests, pastors, and other members of the clergy. Don’t beat them down. Turn them over to the police. Public ridicule is a much more effective than a beating.

A Kenosha Catholic priest named Michael Nowak was accused of making an inappropriate phone call to a young girl. The girl’s parents went to the police. Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki suspended Nowak and the police are investigating the alleged crime. Life is good. Another alleged pedophile is under investigation. Hopefully, it will end his career and keep him away from the kids.

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I applaud the parents, the victim, the police, and the church. This is how things are supposed to work.