Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trashcan birdie

IMG_0622I get so tired of writing about hypocrites. It’s time for a happy story. I have happy stories. They tend be boring, but at least they are happy.

Last Saturday, while playing disc golf with my best friend Al, he got his first ever trashcan birdie. He was throwing a 140 foot approach shot on the 14th hole at El Dorado when his disk landed inside the trashcan. I’ve never seen anything like it. We celebrated as if we had won the lottery. I even took a picture to celebrate as if he had hit an ace.

Now, you can see the hole in the background. Al missed by 30 feet. That did not matter though. I gave him credit for the birdie on the scorecard. And after that hole, we did not care about how well we played. We spend the rest of the game laughing.

In all the years I’ve played, I’ve never come close to the feat. I told Al that he deserves a special achievement badge for his disc golf bag. I’ll have to make one for him.

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