Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pastor Tim Dampier arrested

TimothyDampierSingingAnd it all comes crashing down…. I hope that they start a suicide watch for this one.

Baptist pastor Timothy L. Dampier was arrested for child molestation and rape. His alleged victims were little boys who were in his care as foster children or in his care though his various children oriented volunteer work. Dampier also fancied himself a musician.


The Man…The Music…The Ministry –

Tim Dampier’s love for music emerged the age of 2 in the living room of his family’s house. His father, the Late Rev Ellis Wortham Sr. was a musician whose music was heard from the house of Blues, to Baptist churches across St. Louis to Mississippi. Tim grew up watching and listening to his father play the piano and organ as he sang and preached the word of God. At the age of 12, Tim began writing and playing his own songs. Tim has played a vital role in forming groups such as The Sanctified Tribe, later known as The Sanctified Tribe Choral, and One Accord, a group he founded with friend and brother Calvin “Joonie” Gary. Tim has also written, recorded and performed with local artists such as, The Imani Fellowship Choir and The R. L. Choral Ensemble. He has also shared the stage with recording artists’ such as Beverly Crawford and Dorinda Clark-Cole. Tim has continued to pursue his dream and career in the gospel music industry and intends to continue to shoot for the stars. To God be the Glory.

He used his music to preach the word of god – or maybe not.

“Over the years, the defendant has associated and ingratiated himself with a number of programs that specifically cater to youths and organizations that have youth programs,” Johnson continued. Through those organizations, she told the court, Dampier gained access to “the vulnerable populations that the defendant appears to target.

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He’s been charged with three counts of child molestation and one count of child rape. And get this – he’s been investigated four other times only to have the charges dropped when the victims would not cooperate with the investigation.

Here is the list of places Dampier has worked.

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church; New Hope Baptist Church; Samuel House; Ruth Dykeman Children’s Center; Ryther Child Center; Union Gospel Mission; Seattle Parks and Recreation; and the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.

I would imagine that a lot of parents and guardians are having very difficult conversations with their children right about now.