Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pastor Nathan Scott Kesler arrested

NathanKeslerPastor Nathan Scott Kesler is a music director at a Livingston, TX, and a former manger of the Dollar King. Police arrested pastor Kesler for improper photography. He allegedly positioned a cellphone camera in the women’s restroom to capture photos of women using the toilet.

On Oct. 9, a female employee of the store brought a complaint of the activity to Lufkin Police, saying she discovered the cell phone in the restroom and brought the phone to police.

The woman said she had used the restroom and noticed the phone on a shelf positioned in such a way that it would record her with the built-in camera. The woman said she left the restroom and was approached by another female employee who said she saw the phone in the restroom.

Source: Man arrested for recording women in store restroom

I’ve known about this case since it broke. I want to link Kesler to his church. I have not been able to find the church. I could use some help. If anybody knows the name of the church, please post it in the comments.

Update: It looks like Kelser is linked to the Family Life Church in Livingston.