Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new personal best!

Some of you know I’m an avid disc golfer. I’ve played on and off since I was 15 – that’s a long time. I hit a personal best this afternoon at La Mirada’s lakeside course. I shot a two over 56 which is two better than I’ve ever played the game. I shot two birdies on the front nine. Hole three was a drop-in for a birdie. Hole nine was a 20 foot putt that I drained.

I screwed up a few holes, which is normal. If I had known the game would play out like it did, I would have been much more upset at myself for blowing my tee shot on the first hole. It was embarrassing, So was the overshot on my recovery. I turned an easy par into a hard bogey. But then, maybe it was my poor play on the first hole that loosened me up for what was to come. I don’t know – but I am happy tonight. It feels good to break a barrier and hit a personal best; real good.

In other news – I’ve dropped 30 pounds since March 9th. I played the course today in better form than I have ever managed before. I was winded at the end, but I walked off feeling pretty damn good. Heck, I even managed a workout when I got home. 50 is not so bad…
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