Friday, May 27, 2011

A moment of fundie oddness

A few minutes ago I topped my tank off at a gas station near my home. While standing by my truck, a woman pulls up on the other side of the pump. She motions for me and honks her horn. I could tell by her gestures that she wants me to open her door. I pull the door handle. A 60ish lady climbs out with a big smile and thanks me. Her car door is broken. I thought that was the end of it, but no.

She asks me if I read the bible. When I tell her no, she tries to hand one to me. When I decline, she acts as if  she is offended and   raises her voice so that other could hear. She tells me that it is her mission in life to hand out bibles to the unchurched. She tries to push the bible into  my chest. I decline again. She tosses it into my truck through an open door and turn to leave. I'm stunned. Why does this shit happen to me? I toss the bible into the trash and make to leave. She turns and comes storming back. What follows is embarrassing but predictable. She rants  about defacing her holy book and then she lifts a hand and starts to pray over me. Her prayer is evil. She asks god to punish me for my evil ways.

A side note - I never mentioned that I was an atheist. Plus, I'm pretty sure the car door thing was a scam.