Monday, May 30, 2011

Is Latoya Kenny in a better place?

I visited the Oakland area over the three-day weekend. The Monday morning news carried a story about the murder of Latoya Kenny.

Oakland police are still trying to figure out exactly how an illegal sideshow turned into a violent shooting that killed two people and critically injured a third over the weekend.

Sunday, hundreds of people were gathered for a block party, but one day later, 88th Street and International Boulevard has become a place where family members of two people killed have come to grieve.

Store surveillance video shows Sunday night's sideshow in full force -- cars spinning in circles, doing donuts in the middle of the intersection. Hundreds of people gathered to watch.

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LatoyaKennyIn the report I saw, two women were interviewed. One bemoaned the untimely death of Latoya Kenny, who at 28, had a lot to live for. The other woman, an older lady, talked about how Latoya was in a better place and that Jesus had a plan for her. Really? The more woman number two spoke, the more I became incredulous. Was Latoya better off in heaven or at home with her kids? What about her children? Don't they need a mother? Was god’s plan to make two children orphans? What kind of god would make two children orphans? What kind of god would rejoice in the brutal shooting death of a young mother?

The local news channel has no business putting these two blubbering idiots on the TV. One repeats useless information and other other spins a fairytale. We know that the death of a 28-year-old mother is a tragedy, and we know that some busybody will try to interject a banal religious angle. Why put them on the news? They offered only bad color commentary and no facts.

Imagine if the reporter had done his job. As woman number two starts in with the whole story about Latoya being in a better place she is interrupted with a question. “Are you saying Latoya Kenny was a Christian?”

Woman number 2 nods her head, “Yes. I saw her in Church just this morning. She was wearing the most beautify purple hat.”

The reporter stiffens. "Are you saying that a Christian who attended church this morning attended a biker bar’s drunken block party Sunday evening? How does that square with the message of Christ? If Jesus were alive today, would he attend this party?” The reporter continues. “Was she witnessing here tonight, or participating in the debauchery? It’s important that we understand the context so that our viewers can understand what it takes to get into heaven.”

We will never see this kind of coverage. It’s a dream.

Latoya sinned by attending the party. Her murderer sinned too. To god, both sins are equal. How screwed up is that?

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Anonymous said...

Fuck you asshole . First off . That was her sister and mother mourning while being interviewed. I was angry and mad and said my sister shouldn’t have died ! Which she didn’t . And my mother is Christian but keep your negative thoughts about us to your weird ass self . Still to this day we mourn for her . So go jack off and bust 6 nuts on your forehead