Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pastor Tommy Pitts arrested on child rape charges

TommyPittsPastor Tommy Pitts of the Midway Assembly of God Church, was arrested after his wife of 31 years turned him in to the police. Pitts faces 70 charges related to the rape and sexual abuse of three children.

Police said Pitts was arrested on 15 counts of first-degree rape, 15 counts of rape by instrumentation, 20 counts of lewd or indecent acts with children under 16 and 20 counts of forcible sodomy. He is on suicide watch, police said.

Pastor Pitts may qualify for the worst of the worst if these charges are proven. The victims were his own adopted daughters. Pitts tried to kill himself when the abuse became public.

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jaggermaxwell16 said...

i knew pastor Tommy Pitts i never thought he was capiable of any thing like this im just happy nothing ever happened when i went to that church