Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catholic + Philippines = endless nutballs

I have a news filter running that searches for the words “Catholic” and “Philippines”. The results are often hilarious and completely crazy. Take the case of the Catholic priest and exorcist Father Jose Francisco Syquia. He has an office staffed with eight people who are dedicated to casting out demons in a poverty stricken Filipino city. He thinks that he is serving god while fighting Satan. Of course, what he is really doing, is allowing his religious delusions to prevent people with legitimate mental illnesses from receiving medical treatment. Like this lady…

Syquia recalled an accomplished female doctor who said she was befriended by demons that had appeared to her as benign dwarves that showered her with good luck in the form of financial rewards.

Right – possessed. let’s have an exorcism.

It’s interesting to note the Syquia grew up as a privileged upper-class Filipino before becoming a practicing nutball. I’m sure this is where he was exposed to films like The Exorcist and Ghostbusters. Somebody should have told him they were fiction.

Syquia clams, …”a conspiracy of silence had permeated the church in the past, with its leaders wary of being branded as mediaeval as modern science tended to classify possessions as medical conditions.” It is criminal to mistreat the sick with voodoo religious practices. Catholics hide this because the rest of the civilized world recognizes this practice as wrong. Why do these nutballs attempt to paint themselves as martyrs?

This quote caught my attention, ”Syquia sought guidance from the the local bishop, who promptly granted him the authority to carry out an exorcism guided by his knowledge of psychology.” So his degree in psychology from a catholic university prepared him for the difficult task of exorcism… how exactly?

Why do people believe this stuff? How come the press treats Syquia respectfully when skepticism is required? And please, when claiming that possessed people levitate, proof is required or it did not happen.

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Anonymous said...

Dear God, forgive this man for he do not know what he is doing. Cast out the demon in him and that he may know that You are God, our savior. Bless him Lord that he may find peace in his days, deliver him Lord from every evil and sin. Amen