Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photography - The Big Picture

APTOPIX India Holi FestivalThe Boston Globe’s The Big Picture is an outstanding photography outlet for high quality news photos. They bill it as “News stories in photographs.” What I find most appealing is that I can understand the gist of a story visually. I can fill in the details and context with the story later if I need to.

From the FAQ:

Who runs this site?
Three picture editors at The Boston Globe -- Lane Turner, Lloyd Young, and director of photography Paula Nelson. Lane Turner is a staff photographer and picture editor for the Globe, where he has worked since 1989, covering local and international news and sports while specializing in portraiture and studio work before turning his attention to picture editing in 2006. Lloyd Young has worked as a photographer or picture editor at newspapers in Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and now at the Globe for the metro and business sections. Paula Nelson has led the Globe's photojournalism team since 2004, overseeing a team that has won numerous awards. Her passionate commitment to the power of the photograph remains as strong today as when she began her career 28 years ago.

It’s not all death and destruction either. Enjoy

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