Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pastor stabs pastor

In the end, most of these cases come down to base human emotions. Pastor Edward Fairley stabbed his former lover Pastor Simone Shields. If I understand the story correctly, Fairley stabbed Shields after she rejected him in favor of another man. The back story is odd. Fairley was convicted of the same offense in the 80s (yet he’s still working as a pastor). Plus, he was married at the time he hooked up with Shields, which did not seem to matter to either of them. I mean, why would pastors care about marital fidelity, right?

Tuesday afternoon, Shields was at this house on East 26th Street in Paterson, when investigators say Rev. Fairley burst in and violently started stabbing her in the face, and accidentally stabbed himself in the leg.

Minutes after the attack, he was arrested down the street with a bloody knife in his hand.

She was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital.

"She's a very nice person. She's a school teacher. She was with him here all of the time. She used to take care of him. She always had the church set up," said a resident.

Everybody’s nice. They sleep with each other and act like alley cats, but they run a church, so its all good. Move along.