Thursday, March 03, 2011

A church in decline

Bishop Eddie Long may have settled his lawsuits out of the public eye, but it did not fool his followers. Attendance at his megalomaniac church is falling, and with it revenues. It was no surprise that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was forced to cut salaries and lay off workers.

"Like numerous other churches and charitable organizations across Georgia and the rest of the country, New Birth and its faith community have been impacted by the nationwide downturn in the economy," according to a statement.

I call bullshit. This is all about Long’s alleged sexual indiscretion.

New Birth said it is experiencing "a shift in the worship pattern," but said it's because there has been a "marked increase" in the number of people watching services online.

More bullshit. But I bet Long gets another million dollar lover offering anyway.

Don’t worry though, Bishop Eddie is having all male sleep overs to pray about his problems. I’m not kidding…

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