Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank you cheesecake lady

IMG_0067Imogen, otherwise known as the cheesecake lady, dropped a delicious blueberry cheesecake by my office yesterday. It made my day.

I turn 50 on Saturday and Imogen was thoughtful enough to remember my birthday and to make me a cheesecake so that I could celebrate with my friends at the office. It lifted my spirits as Thursday was a not-so-typical work day. In fact, it was more like a day from hell. I had 5 meeting layered on top of hosting a developer’s conference – it was a crazy day. But then the cheesecake arrived – we call Imogen the cheesecake lady because when she brings us a cheesecake, all activity stops in my office until there is nothing left but but licking our fingers. Her cheesecake is that good, and so is just about every thing else she bakes. I know. I’ve tried it all. This woman could make a fortune it she did this for a living.

Thanks Imogen! You made my day.

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