Thursday, January 20, 2011

Youth pastor Matthew Porter arrested again

I posted about youth pastor Matthew Porter in 2008 when he was arrested for video taping teen girls as they were showing at his rental house. He pleaded out to 9 counts of voyeurism. If figured that was the end of him. He was set to do time as a pervert in a Florida prison. How many people survive that intact? I figured that would be the end him. No – the Baptist freak came back for another round. But this time he allegedly has a senior fetish.

Granbury police arrested Matthew Christopher Porter, 33, of Granbury, after he was identified in one of the photos trying to adjust the camera. Porter, a volunteer associate pastor at The Church at Granbury, was a chaplain at the nursing home, police said.

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Wait wait wait – he was working as a pastor and was the Chaplin at a nursing home! Don’t arrest Porter – arrest the people who hired him without a background check. Heck, a background check was not necessary in the case – all they needed to do was a Google search for Pastor Matthew Porter. My posts for his original crime are still on page one.