Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youth pastor Jacob Conder convicted (again)

It’s true. Former youth pastor Jacob Allen Conder was convicted for the second time in two months. His first conviction came in January on charges he molested a young girl at a sleepover. Other victims came forward during the investigation, which resulted in his latest conviction. Conder is a serial child molester and former Baptist youth pastor. If you read this blog you know he’s in good company.

The Daviess charges stem from a sleep-over at the church. A 15-year-old girl accused Conder of touching her inappropriately, which led to two other girls coming forward with similar charges.

The analysis here is simple – do not let your daughter go to a sleepover with the youth pastor. Don’t do it – ever. The is simply no reason to send your daughter off into the arms of a child molester. I’m even opposed to allowing a sleepover with the youth pastor if their is adequate supervision. Remember this. If the youth pastor is a man, the he has normal male urges. A pajama party with teenage girls is bait. Are you willing to use your daughters as bait? There are so many other safe ways to develop their character.