Saturday, January 01, 2011

Post 1 of 2011 – board games


This is my first post of the new year and I refuse to us it to write another pastor done wrong story. I have 7 sitting in my queue already (thanks for the tips), but I don’t have the mental energy to write them up. No, this time I’m going to write about one of my family’s favorite past times, strategy board games. I’m not a rabid fan mind you, I leave that distinction to my son, but I enjoy playing, especially new games.

This January 1st was typical for use. We watched the Rose Parade, read our various books and played computer games (including Dance Revolution, which I don’t get). We also played board games. It’s a pattern going back many years and years.

We played Kingsburg twice today. I lost horribly the first time around and won the second game by a wide margin. Winning is good.

In Kingsburg…

players are Lords sent from the King to administer frontier territories.

The game takes place over five years, a total of 20 turns. In every year, there are 3 production seasons for collecting resources, building structures, and training troops. Every fourth turn is the winter, in which all the players must fight an invading army. Each player must face the invaders, so this is not a cooperative game.

2- 5 players can play, We played a four handed game. Total play time was about an hour. The game was easy to understand but the tactics are quite involved. I developed a strategy that protected against the yearly invasion at first and then focused on building structures that yielded the most points. The strategy worked only because my son underestimated the resources he needed to fight an invasion.

My daughter-in-law is always a force in these games. She won the first game and had us on the run in the second. Her strategies are always difficult to figure out. Kingsburg is good family fun and only costs about $35. I recommend it.

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