Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pastor Otis Holland arrested

OtisHollandPastor Otis Holland was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a minor under the age of 14, and a minor under the age of 16. This pastor sounds like a peach.

According to the police report, the alleged sexual assaults occurred on five occasions in a limousine and at his Henderson residence from April 2008 through Dec. 25, 2009. The victim's parents had allowed her to go to Holland's house under the pretense that she was receiving counseling.

The girl described to investigators numerous sexual acts Holland allegedly performed on her, according to the police report. At one point, she told police she saw a video camera in the "secret" back room where Holland is accused of assaulting her.

There are two known victims. The police are looking for more. I thought this line was odd - According to arrest reports his congregation of about eighty meets in the lobby Rob's Tax Service on Hacienda and Eastern. Here is a little common sense advice from Mojoey – never let your daughters take counseling from a pastor who runs his church from the lobby of a tax business. I mean, wtf? Are people that dumb?

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