Monday, January 03, 2011

It’s time to reset my iTunes play counts

I fired up iTunes for the first time this year a few minutes ago. I kicked the new year off with Buckwheat Zydeco’s album Jackpot! The title cut is shown below. Enjoy.

My iTunes music library contains 74,851 songs. I listened to 14,343 songs during the year. My top 10 plays are predictable.

  1. Feel the Vibration, OPM
  2. Don’t Push, Sublime
  3. God Put a Smile on Your Face, Coldpay
  4. Welcome to Jamrock, Damian Marley
  5. Chop ‘Em Down, Matisyahu
  6. Trenchtown Rock, Bob Marley
  7. The Science of Selling Yourself Short, Less Than Jake
  8. Rolled Up, Long Beach Dub Allstars
  9. DJs, Sublime
  10. Karma Police, Radiohead.

I say predictable because all 10 of these songs are on my “Drive Time” playlist. I turn this on when driving home from work when I’m posted to the other side of LA County and face two hour of traffic. It calms my nerves.

My favorite song for the year… Stand Tall by The Dirty Heads.

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