Monday, January 31, 2011

I saw paparazzi and celebrities

My wife and I attended the Laker’s game yesterday. They played the hated Boston Celtics. We were lucky in that our tickets were for a swanky private booth and allowed us to enter through the VIP entrance on the back side of Staples Center. The VIP entry area was flanked on both sides by crowd control fencing; behind which stood an intimidating photo(2)lineup of all male paparazzi. I checked out their gear as I walked past. It was impressive. Some photographers were loaded for bear, while others had amateur rigs. My guess it was a mix of professionals and amateurs. What they all shared in common was their look. It was unappealing. They looked like lowlife bums. It was not what I expected.

In short order Andy GarciaAnthony Kiedis, and walked within 10 feet of me. A half-dozen more celebrities followed. At least they were treated like celebrities and to me looked vaguely recognizable. It was defiantly on the surreal side. I can tell you this – celebrities are a short bunch. Except James Worthy! He was tall and still looked fit.

The paparazzi, well let’s just say that I would never want to be one. photoThe yelled, danced, and waved their arms in a desperate attempt to attract the attention of the celebrities.They looked untrustworthy and seemed unfriendly. Their presence was annoying. I can see why celebrities hate them. I wonder if it pays well?

We walked past Ed Asner later in the day. He was short and seemed pissed. We closed the day with a Kobe Bryant. I took an iPhone picture of him getting in his car. He had just taken the time to put his daughter in a child seat. I took the photo with no joy. I am not a fan, but I did cheer for him once during the game. We lost. Not that it mattered much to me. This was the first Laker game I’ve watched in 7 years.

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