Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charles Reed sentenced

Charles Reed drove a bus for Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. He was a devout servant of the lord - and a pedophile. Reed took an innocent 14-year-old girl to his house after church and raped her. The girl had a broken leg at the time. Reed reprehensible crime screwed with his victim’s head.

The victim's sister-in-law said the girl has changed since the sexual assault.

"She cannot bring herself to go to church," she said. If we drive within a block of the church her breathing gets short and she hyperventilates, the girl's sister-in-law said in a victim impact statement.

The mother of the victim read a statement in court written by the girl, who is now 19.

"I don't talk to anyone. I stay in my own little world away from my family and friends," her mother said.

The victim thought it was her own fault for a long time and didn't tell anyone. It still bothers her to go near the church where Reed raped her, the victim's mother said.

Reed was also sentenced for the molestation of a 4-year-old girl. She too bears scars.

The sound of footsteps scares the victim - she could always hear his footsteps when he came to her room to molest her. She now sleeps with a radio on to drown out sounds such as footsteps, according to court documents.

I have a feeling the sound of bubba’s footsteps will soon terrify Charles Reed. He’s 67 and will spend most of the next 22 years in prison. I bet he makes it to 72.