Monday, January 03, 2011

The Cave Singers

I love the internet. With it, I am almost never bored. I am home alone alone on my last day of the holiday break before I start a mind numbing series of projects at work that will keep me busy for a solid year. I’m shifting between prepping for work and a little play as I move through the day. The play comes from surfing the internet for new music. I would do something more energetic, but I’m sick too.

I found The Cave Singers via a viral marketing video for Deschutes Brewery. Fair warning – the video has a small NSFW scene (@3:15) near the end. It shows a bare-breasted girl diving into a lake. It’s artsy rather than porn.

I like the video. I’ll have to try the beer. I pumped $9.99 into iTunes for The Cave Singers’ Welcome Joy. I’m not sure if that was the filmmakers intention.

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