Saturday, January 22, 2011

But he’s a church goer

I grow tired of the press an their insipid stories about people being good because they go to church. The latest story comes from Chicago where they interviewed the family of accused cop killer Jahmell W. Crockam. The quote…

Crockam, whose nickname is "Sav" or "Savage," has been charged in the separate slayings of Officer Christopher Matlosz, 27, and Justin Williams, 20. Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford termed Matlosz's killer as having "no soul."

"How can someone say this boy has no soul? He goes to church every Sunday," said Crockam's aunt, Raquel Pressley.

No soul? He goes to church? WTF people. This is not news. This is not even meaningful information. Why is it that going to church and being a good person are linked? We have ample evidence that church going people commit heinous crimes. It’s all so frustrating.

When people say “he has no soul” what is meant is that the person is defective and is lacking a normal sense of morality. Going to church has nothing to do with a soul or a sense of morality. Going to church is a family and social obligation that is endured until ones real life can reassert itself. In this case, the real life of Crockam allegedly included killing a cop. Nice fail church. Perhaps you should lay off the old testament.

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