Friday, December 03, 2010

What does 58 additional charges matter?

BrianGrayIf you are a youth pastor and you rape a young girl, come on now, 58 additional charges mean what? Life in prison?

Oconee County authorities charged Brian Richard Gray, 32, of Winder with child molestation and statutory rape last month. Now Barrow County authorities have filed additional charges relating to the same alleged victim.

"Their relationship started in the youth group in Monroe in Walton County, but we found that the actual sexual acts took place in Barrow County," Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith told the paper. "We executed a search warrant on his house and found evidence that corroborated the fact he brought her to his house."

I posted on Pastor Brian Gray back in November and nobody came to his defense. That’s not a good sign. There are usually a few people who speak up. Why did Gray have unsupervised access to children? Why was Gray allowed to take a 15-year-old home for sex three times a week? Who was not fulfilling their oversight role in this case? Could it be the church that never seems to make it into the press reports? What say you Monroe Church of Christ?

When you visit the Church website you will notice a few things. There are no staff links. The pastor is not named. The elders are not named. There is statement of fact regarding their former youth pastor. It’s as if the whole event never happened. That’s common too. The first instinct of a church under fire is to go to ground so that the “core mission” of the church is protected. The second instinct: Move along. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Hat Tip thelittlepecan.

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Anonymous said...

I wish his time served would bring peace. A broken soul isn't easy to repair. Moving on is doable but the more time goes on, the anger builds. Even if he were dead, the damage cannot be undone.