Friday, December 24, 2010

The trouble with carol sings

My wife and I were out to dinner on Thursday enjoying our special Festivus meal when we IMG_0289were interrupted by carol singers. Earlier in the evening we had reminisced about singing carols in our youth. My wife did not recall participating but she enjoyed hearing the singers. I participated with my church choir. It was great fun walking from house-to-house singing Christmas carols. We did it each year. I remember it being innocent and without agenda (but I was a kid). We were just as likely to sing a Christian tune as were were to sing a secular one.

Since my youth some things have changed. Carol singers today all seem to have an agenda, at least the ones I’ve run into. Near the end of our dinner and after the Festivus Miracle, we were visited by a well trained trio of carolimage0-1 singers who performed a catchy holiday medley. All they wanted in return was cash and a chance to pimp their Pentecostal madness. Why did they want anything? They placed a flyer on each table along with a donation envelope. No pressure. Just listen to the Christ centered music medley and then donate what’s in your heart. We gave $3. $1 for each singer.

I’m sure the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch can use the funds What with a full schedule of services (including a seekers service), daily devotionals, and a weekly TV program to fund. Sheesh – what ever happened to simply singing for the joy of singing?