Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo a day - John 3:16

IMG_0237Jeebus I get tired of this stuff. It’s not enough that almost everyone I know is Christian. It’s not enough that there is a church on every corner. It’s not enough that they occupy every position of power and most of the media outlets are at least sympathetic to their cause. No, I must continually see their message that my life could somehow be better if I would just join their team.

What bothers me is the thought process behind the idiot who scratched his John 3:16 on the back of this truck. Did he think that the rest of the world is unsaved and needed to hear this yet again or was his message just a random attempt to reach an atheist like me? Or, is he just professing his faith in some new and edgy way? Is this the new dockworkers ministry?

I know I’m ranting but it the holidays and frankly I get fed up with Christian message at this time of year. I run into it every day. Just yesterday I had a woman tell me to make sure and say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. She was worried about the war on Christmas. Of course she said this as I was standing next to my Muslim friend. We both just let it pass.

I’m in lite posting mode because of a higher than normal volume of stress from my real job. Instead of the year winding down I find myself at peak capacity and marching toward  the end of the year with every day booked. So my blogging is suffering. In fact, I’m heading to Tucson this evening for a couple of days of project management stress, so if I get a chance to post over the next few days I’ll be lucky. What’s a working stiff to do? I like blogging, but I like money more.

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, if someone brings up John 3:16, I ask them if they have read what comes after John 3:16? Nasty stuff, full of condemning others and tribalism;


These sentiments (esp. 3:18+) have been used as justification for various atrocities.

krissthesexyatheist said...

Xtian taggers, what is the world coming to? More-J, you are gonna hate this...At the cafe i work at there are hippster xtians. young, hip and fashionable. I wouldn't put it beyond them to tag for Jesus around town. Hopefully, they have not infiltrated So-Cal.


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Just a thought of my own.... said...

My question to you is why does it bother you so much? Why must you attack someone you don't even know? You claim to be open minded but only as long as those around you feel exactly the way you do. It's not enough that most people you know are Christians because the verse says God so loved the world (not most of the world) and until everyone has been told about the gift God has given us in Jesus then Christians work can never be done. God loves you even if you don't belive in Him. God doesn't need you to belive to exist. He has always extisted and will always exist. God has the power to make all of us belive in Him but He gave us a choice. If you truly belive that God and Jesus don't exist why would those words in that dust on the back of a truck bother you so much? Why even give it a second thought? Let all the "crazy" Christians belive what they want and go on with your life. But you can't do that can you? There's something about it that bothers you. You should ask yourself why? Could it be God's way of trying to speak to you?

Mojoey said...

Hey Just a thought of my own… this is just for you. I get comments.