Monday, December 27, 2010

The passing of a generation

My Great Aunt Pat died on Christmas morning. She was the last of her generation and also a stanch atheist, so I’m paying my respects here. She was always a bit of a mystery to me since I did not spend much time with her. I saw her more when I was a child visiting my grandparents than I did as an adult. I think she was the wild child of her generation. At least that is my impression since here stories all centered around stories from the early days of Los Vegas.

I did not find out Aunt Pat was an atheist until near the end of her life. I wrote about it back in October of 2008.

I spoke with my mother this morning. She and my sister had visited Aunt Pat at her rest home. In the course of the visit, Pat asked about my sister's relationship with me. My sister said that it was all good except for that I was an atheist and she was not. I guess my aunt dropped an unexpected bombshell with her next comment.  She said she was an atheist too. She went on to say that we are all the result of an evolutionary process. I am so proud.

My Aunt Pat gave me the all time best Christmas present ever one year back in the 80s. She was never a person with money. In fact, I think perpetually broke is a good way to describe here. Yet she never forgot me at Christmas. Sometime it was only a card, but that was ok. It was nice to know she was thinking of my family. The best present ever… She sent me a tortilla warmer. I used it for twenty years.

The generations move forward with her death. My parents generation now becomes the oldest. Mine in next in line. Time goes by way to fast. You don’t this when you are young. I never did. I sure do now. Good bye Aunt Pat.

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