Thursday, December 23, 2010

More on Pastor Baron Hopgood

I posted on Pastor Baron Hopgood a few days ago. Here is more proof that he is an apparent fraud and a smoothing talking con man who preys on African American churches and their congregants. A reader pointed me to a Consumer Watch profile on Hopgood. It’s revealing. Here we have a pastor with a long history of cheating people, yet he’s invited to speak at church after church. Why?

There is a background story supporting the Consumer Watch profile. It’s fascinating. So is the uncut video of Hopgood’s interview. How do we know this man is unethical, it all depends on what people say about him and how he reacts. Our intuition does the rest. If you are a Christian, measure him to Christ. I bet the answer is a FAIL.

The stories are all very similar.

The first person that complained to us was Courtney Thompson. When we went to Hopgood about this, he denied it and said that she had kept a company computer and phone and that's why he had stopped payment on her check. She told us she had the phone but denied having the computer. Because of the uncertainty of what happened, we felt it necessary to see if this was an isolated incident. What we would soon discover, is it was not. Hopgood consistently asked "Where's the proof?". I would accept that question had there only been one or two people. But when you talk to a dozen people over the span of three cities who all give similar accounts as to what happened, it makes you question Hopgood. Why would all of those people lie?

Yes, why would a dozen people lie? And why would Christians give this man the time of day? Faith must be at least in some part about discernment. How is Hopgood in anyway like Christ?