Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Jinwrights go to prison

Well alright! Let’s pop the champagne. Two of Christianity's most greedy pastors are going to prison. And as an added bonus, It’s a husband and wife team. Bishop Anthony Jinwright and his wannabe pastor wife Harriet Jinwright spend a long day in court for sentencing earlier in the week. They paraded person after person as character witlessness. It was a bad strategy. They have no character.

U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney warned everyone in the courtroom Wednesday to expect a long and tiring day and cautioned against emotional outbursts.

I was worried. I thought the judge might by the tripe about the Jinwright’s being generous and giving leaders of an essential Christian ministry. I should have known better. U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney had this to say.

"What's troubling," he said, "is what I will call the Robin Hood defense. It's very easy to give away other people's money."

And then he threw the book at them.

Anthony Jinwright got eight years and nine months in prison, while Harriet Jinwright received six years and eight months. The couple must also pay the Internal Revenue Service more than $1million, plus $213,666 to the state.

The Jinwright’s church filed for bankruptcy last month. Their evil is almost undone.

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