Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey, that pastor is a thief

Here is another truism: Once a thief always a thief. If your pastor used to be a thief, find another church. Another good measure is the find out if your pastor has ever had a real job. If the answer is no, find another church. He’s all about making a living off of his parishioners, and that’s not right.

Pastor Sandy McGriff, a self-appointed pastor of a Dallas area church, was arrested for burglarizing the home of a parishioner.

She said her pastor, Sandy McGriff, called her on Christmas Eve, shortly before the break-in. A short time later, police said a neighbor spotted the 52-year-old preacher breaking a window and climbing in.

Arriving officers said they caught McGriff loading her car with Agnew's furs and purses — and then resisted arrest.

Pastor McGriff has a criminal record so she did what a lot of cons do, she started a small church of her own. And in that fundie land known as Texas, where people do not have much discretion, pastor McGriff soon had people attending her services. How the hell does that work?

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