Sunday, December 05, 2010

Father Alberto Maullon arrested

AbertoMaullonFather Alberto Maullon was arrested because he “whipped his junk out and started masturbating in front of an undercover office. Maullon is in charge of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Nassau bay.
The Houston Police Department Vice Squad had undercover officers inside two adult video stores along the Gulf Freeway in southeast Houston when they said they encountered Father Alberto A. Maullon, 52, of Southeast Harris County.
Vice officers involved in the sting told KPRC Local 2 Maullon was the only person in a private viewing booth area of the Big City Adult Book Store at 10105 Gulf Freeway Wednesday night.
So here is the deal… So what. Yes, Maullon is a priest, and yes, he should follow the celibate ways of this church. But, what two adults do in the privacy of an adult video store’s private video booth is their own business. Shame on you Texas. Quit picking on gay priests.
Hat tip No2Religion.
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