Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ex Mormon videos

I work in social media. Video is by far the most effective social medial tool available today. When we can watch Jean Bodie talk of her authentic experiences without a filter, we come closer to truth. There are several compelling ex Mormon stories up on YouTube at the I am an Ex Mormon channel. Spend a few minutes watching. I did. It helped validate something I’ve known for a long time. Mormons are in a social cult and they don’t realize it.

I grew up with many Mormon friends and as a result of those friendships I almost became a Mormon, of course a girl was involved. As I entered my professional life I found myself developing important lifelong friendships with my Mormon co-workers in Utah. I love these people. They are my friends to this day.

I know through direct experience, and now through additional video testimony, that the act of leaving the Mormon church is almost unthinkable because of the threat of becoming socially ostracized. If you leave you will be cut off from your friends and family. I’ve seen the process. It’ horrible. And it works both ways…Those leaving are traumatized, those staying are traumatized. I cannot think of another mainstream church that operates this way. Mormons act like a cult.

I’ve kept my Mormon friends over the years because they are good people and we respect each other. I try to judge people based on what they do rather than what they believe. I don’t try to convert them to atheism, they don’t try to convert me to Mormonism. It keeps things simple.

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