Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ever eat at Pink's?

It started off as a desire to have a good hot dog. I won’t eat a Nathan's hotdog. It’s a long story involving Las Vegas, whisky, rum, and tequila. pinksLet’s just say… well no, never again. So Pink’s is really the only option if you are looking for a good hotdog here in beautiful Los Angeles. But to eat at Pink’s takes a commitment. In my case it’s a 45 minute drive through LA traffic, plus a 2 hour wait in line, and then a fight for seats. You’ve got to want it real bad. But its worth it. Pink’s dogs are yummy.

The menu is interesting. I had the Guadalajara Dog ($3.85)– relish, onions, tomatoes, topped with sour cream. and a Mild Polish Dog (4.30) - mustard, chili onions. Oh, and a side of heartburn.

I don’t normally order the sides, the fries and onion rings are good but I’ve never been able to eat more than a handful without getting an upset stomach. They are too greasy for me. I was tempted to order a side of bacon ($1.40) just because I could, but passed in favor a a bottle of water and 3 orders of onion rings (for my guests).

pinksDickPink’s has problems. For instance, the seating is insane. With limited tables and a large crowd people hog tables an hour or more before they will be eating. This ties up tables so lots of people end up standing up to eat. I watched a guy sit a table for an hour without eating. He was sill waiting when my party left. The only advice I can give is be aggressive. Fight for your table or you will end up trying to eat a messy chili dog while standing, which is not fun.

The other problem – they don’t make a So Cal street dog. Street vendors all over Los Angeles make a bacon wrapped hotdog smothered in grilled onions with hot peppers. It’s the unofficial hotdog of So Cal (and I love them). I guess you could order one because they will make anything, but it pains me to see them missing from the menu.

Pink’s is a cash only business. So bring cash and quarters (to pay the parking meters). Pay a visit the next time you are in town. They are open until 2:00 am weeknights and 3:00 am on weekends. Its about 100ft north of Melrose on Le Brea. Just look for the insane line.

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