Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aperture Portfolio Prize for 2010

The Aperture Foundation has an annual photographers portfolio prize. I find the winners inspiring and thought you might too. The 2010 Portfolio Prize was published a few days ago.

I found runner up Julian Röder’s Legos Transformation oddly hypnotic. While Anne Golaz’s The Hunting Game is down right disturbing. This year’s winner is David Favrod. He produced my favorite photo – Godzilla (the 6th photo).

Favrod is an interesting photographer.

David Favrod was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Swiss father and raised in Switzerland. Though he was brought up far from Japan, he was exposed to Japanese culture through his mother, the stories of his grandparents, and his own travels there. When, at eighteen, the Japanese Embassy denied him dual citizenship, the rejection inspired him to explore his identity deeper. He writes, "I usually find it hard to speak about myself. I always stumble in the paradoxes of, 'Who am I?'"

Check out his website for more photos.

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