Friday, November 26, 2010

Introducing Pecan Pie

Please join me in welcoming one of the newest members of the Atheist Blogroll, Pecan Pie.

Greetings!  I’m the Little Pecan (also known as Alana in my real life.) I’m an atheist, an aspiring sociologist, a mom and a football freak.  Oh, yeah, I’m good at singing, too and I’d like to fancy myself a writer, but I’ll let y’all be the judge of that.

I’m the owner of Pecan Pie, which is a nod to my beloved state of Georgia.  I write mostly about social issues, but being in the South means that I also write about the atheist experience.  That’s a social issue if ever I saw one and the more out I am as a nonbeliever, the more I seem to need to respond to reactions to that admission.

I hope to see you over at my little space in cyber space and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself.

Alana (aka Pecan)

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