Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Giving a DNA sample will damn you to hell

Or so thinks convicted child-sex offender David Hugh Chord. He’s a Christian who thinks that DNA samples are the “mark of the Beast”. He’s also a nutball.

Chord is serving two years and nine months in prison after pleading guilty to six counts of an indecent act on a young person, and one of an indecent act on a child last year.

Mr Bott argued Chord's religious belief should exempt him from having to provide a sample for the database. "Based upon his interpretation of the Book of Revelation, that means he's effectively damned and cut off from fellowship with his God."

What’s sad is that this case went before a judge at all.

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Anonymous said...

In my 'alternate dimension' the judge would have posited the question to the defendant:

"Raping children didn't give the mark of the beast or damn you to hell for eternity?"

(just maybe in "real" America this Christian's DNA on file could find many, many more victims resulting in an even longer prison sentence?)

I envy your stamina Mr. Mojoey

Webwhore said...

This is from real New Zealand.