Saturday, November 27, 2010

The difference between wrong and right

Eddie Long appeared on the cover of Gospel Today in an article titled, Bishop Eddie Long at the center of the scandal that rocked the church world. UntitledIt’s an uncritical softball of an article aimed as a kind of PR piece for the troubled pastor. Critical readers complained because Long is on the magazines Board of Directors. The Magazines editor even defends the article.
Teresa Hairston, the owner of Gospel Today, had this to say.
Hairston didn't back down. She went online and blasted the mainstream press for how they covered the Long scandal. She said the church community should treat the accusations against Long “according to the Word of God.”
Hairston told readers that her magazine did not explore the legalities of the Long scandal, and chose instead to present a “biblical perspective."
And this too…
Whether Bishop Long is guilty or not; whether the young men are guilty or not, the BODY OF CHRIST must handle this situation according to the Word of God! The mainstream press has painted a hideous picture; some have even called for Bishop Long’s resignation! They’re not even members!!
Christian logic can be painful. What is she really saying? That unless we are Christians we can’t discern right from wrong and we have no place judging Bishop Eddie Long? In other words, we can’t say if it is right or wrong for a magazine to publish a puff piece without disclosing their relationship with Long because she has some higher authority that we can’t possibly understand. We can’t offer an opinion about what Long did – because we are not members of the club.
Let’s take a test:
  • Is Iran’s pending execution of a pastor of apostasy right or wrong?
  • Was Mohamed Osman Mohamud right or wrong when he attempted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
  • You are the only witness to a woman who has been hit by a car. Is it right or wrong to stop and help?
  • You find a wallet with $200 dollars in it, is it write or wrong to keep the money?
  • Is it right or wrong to take a teen boy on an international business trip and make him sleep in the same room as you?
The answers are easy. We know the difference between right and wrong. Therefor, I can say it is wrong to not disclose your relationship with Long when writing an editorial piece about him. I can also say it is wrong for Bishop Long to treat teen boys like his personal boy toys, especially given the employee, employer relationship invovled.
And one last thing, is it right or wrong for Long to set himself us the head of a religious organizing without oversight and then run it like a personal empire? Not only is it wrong, it’s not even remotely in the sprint Jesus Christ. Why do people follow this man?