Monday, October 25, 2010

Watching the decline of the Catholic church

MorroBayVirginMary I spent last weekend in Morro Bay attending a photography expo. I had spare time so I walked around the city looking for something interesting to shoot. Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church is near the community center. I wandered over for a look and found a problem. My initial impression was that the church was abandoned. The only part of the church that looked healthy was their statue of the Virgin Mary. They managed to keep her in fresh flowers. Everything else looked  run down. The parking lot’s blacktop was worn, cracked, and needed to be mowed. The plants and grass were ill kept and near death. the parsonage looked old and worn, heck, even the sign in front of the church looked pathetic. I tried to go inside but found the doors locked. I need an appointment to see the sanctuary.

I’ve started to notice a pattern, little catholic churches are dying. I make a point of visiting catholic churches in every city I visit. I’ve see the pattern in other cities too. It’s like the church is dying from its extremities inward. With small denomination churches suffering the most decay. Has anyone else noticed this?

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