Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Um pastor, is that a banana in your pocket?

Pastor David Morris things we are all idiots. He actually wants us to think a 12-year-old girl mistook a banana (in his pocket) for his erect penis.

The pastor, at Carmarthen Evangelical Church in west Wales, said he was in the habit of putting a banana in his pocket and it was possible the youngster had accidentally felt it.

Prosecutor Geraint Walters QC told the court: "He said one thing he would do from time to time was to carry a banana in his trouser pocket.

"He said it's possible that is what the girl mistook for his erect penis."

Excuse me here… but who the fuck puts a banana in their pocket? It would be smashed to paste the moment he sat down. Jebus what a dumbass. Maybe the banana are really small in Wales?

Morris is the pastor at Carmarthen Evangelical Church in west Wales.

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Anonymous said...

Ever thought about doing a google map of the sexual predator pastors and priests?

Anonymous said...

According to the victim, the same pastor also took her and her sister to a pub before underwear shopping.

Perhaps he thought they were Mormons.

Buffy said...

Did he think he was Ray Comfort or something?

Baconsbud said...

What didn't you know it is so easy to put a banana in a pocket. Wow and I thought most pastors had a bit of an education but to use this as an excuse doesn't say much for him.