Friday, October 01, 2010

That pastor is not a pastor

Leonel Pelayo, pastor at Iglesia Apostolica Monte de Horeb, and a fine upstanding resident of Carson, CA, pleaded not guilty to six counts, including committing a lewd act upon a child and unlawful sexual intercourse. The odd things is that his lawyer is confused about what Pelayo does for a living.

Pelayo, who prosecutors said is a pastor at Iglesia Apostolica Monte de Horeb, is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with the teen between July 1 and Aug. 20.

Pelayo's attorney, Edward R. Munoz, described his client as "an active member of the church."

"I don't think he was the pastor. I don't know that he was the pastor," Munoz said outside court.

How odd? Could it be that the bias against pastor who commit clergy sexual abuse is so strong that lawyers will do anything they can to remove the connection?

How did Pelayo allegedly commit his crimes?

Pelayo befriended the girl in a church youth group and took her to several vacant locations where he sexually assaulted her, the Los Angeles Police Department alleges.

Pelayo owns properties in areas throughout Los Angeles and the county, and he possibly used some of those locations to commit the alleged crimes, according to the LAPD.

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