Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Religion kills in Uganda

I read this today and felt ill. In Uganda, Pentecostal churches are healing HIV/AIDs infected people in church through faith healings. Of course, we should just call it murder by faith.

Rebecca Nakityo, 17, spends every free moment watching gospel TV, reading the Bible or praying in church. The soft-spoken teen - who has lived with her aunt and uncle since her parents' death several years ago - told IRIN/PlusNews she believed she was cured by God six months ago.

According to Nakityo, as the pastor's voice reverberated through the church hall, she felt filled with the healing power of God. Nakityo now regularly gives testimonies about her "healing" and has stopped taking her ARVs.

And in a year when she is dead who will remember her?  Will it be the people who she killed through her testimony?

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