Thursday, October 07, 2010

Prior accusation for Bishop Eddie Long?

The Examiner’s Roz Zurko is reporting on a breaking story regarding a prior allegation of sexual abuse by Bishop Eddie Long. The allegations surfaced in 2006 via The Reuben Armstrong show. Two youth pastors from Eddie Long’s church brought the exact same allegations to light in hope that the abuse would stop. Nobody believed them.

Armstrong reports that in 2006 the alleged sexual abuse of the young men by Bishop Long is something he discussed on his talk show. This occurred after youth pastors from Long‘s church came to Armstrong for help.

Armstrong addresses this type of abuse in his best selling book, “Snakes in the Pulpit”, which was on the Essence Magazine best seller list for over a year.

Armstrong has talked and wrote about the alleged “child predator” Eddie Long to the point where people blamed him for starting rumors.

I wonder how Long will explain this revelation?