Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo a day: Freeway art


I’m back to taking my camera with me everyplace I go. I’m going to start back in on my urban ugly projects. Today’s shot is about what I call the abstract freeway art made by the removal of roadside graffiti. I started shooting this a few months ago with mixed results. Now that my camera is fixed and its owner is motivated, I have a much better chance of catching these images as I drive by. With my camera set to 7 frames a second, I shot 4 of these images in the same time I would normally have shot one. Two were usable. I need to work on the technique.

I like the way the painted sections overlap with slightly different shades of paint and are further offset from the dark background of the bridge column. The pattern reminds me of many different modern art painting I’ve seen over the years. It is reminiscent of Harry Gruenert or maybe even Barnett Newman. I find the endless variations fascinating.

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