Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pastor Tim Fulgham guilty

In 2008, I reported that pastor Timothy Fulgham was charged with the rape of a innocent 12-year-old girl. Today I am please to report that his case is closed. Pastor Fulgham is a convicted sex offender and he started an eight year prison sentence yesterday.

A jury had been struck and a trial was about begin when he decided to enter the plea, said Bibb County Assistant District Attorney Jim Ransom.

Fulgham was accused of having sexual contact several times with a 14-year-old girl who was attending the church.

He faces similar charges in Tuscaloosa County and Shelby County regarding allegations involving the same victim.

Pastors who rape children… I can remember a time when I would not have thought it possible. Now I find it normal. I must be tracking a 100 cases this year alone.


Anonymous said...

How many times do you have to be corrected Kayla Hudson claimed it happened when she was 15 not 14 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

He is right were he belongs. He should be there for life for what he has done to that girl. She will never be same because of this monster. In my opinion he should be under the prison. god bless her and her family

Anonymous said...

GOD has blessed her and her family. But heaven help kayla hudson and her family. Vengance is my saith the Lord I will repay!

Anonymous said...

She said she was 15 when it happend... Excuse me guy but you live in CA not in Bibb County Alabama... As someone whom has lived beside Tim Fulgham and his family my whole life.. I have grown very close to them and being female and been to his house to see his 2 wonderful sons and beautiful wife to need prayer or just to watch a movie with his family TIM FULGHAM never said or made a pass at me... Kayla hudson is a compulsive liar who made everything up... if u knew anything about court or the case at all then you would know the fulghams had tons of proof that kayla was a whore that has ruinned tons of peoples lives... and when ur writeing this how about u remember he has a young child that is being hurt and you whom knows not a dammn thing over there in CA writes on this acting like he knows all... you know are a complete and t total idiot to sitt here and defend a girl that has ran off with coaches from high school destroyed there family has been caught on camera with serveral guys and because she was OBSESSED with the fulghams and he IS a pastor u get off by thinking you are better in my eyes you are nothing but a joke just like kayla so when i go to sleep to night knowing that a innoccent man is in jail bc of her and u are doing nothing but wirteing shitt you know nothing about them ill pray for you to... because when Tim gets out he will have everyone in his community.... bc in my eyes u writeing this shit is hurting his family when he is NOT guilty.... but remember his son's and wife you are hurting so in my eyes ur a bastard and all these ingnorant people commenting you dont know anything either soo you all are horriable and ill pray for everyone of yall also... and to ms. kayla remember u might have won the battle but not the war.. you will have ur judgement for the 5 families you destroyed .. guess u couldnt prove enough to destroy the fulghams.... goodluck with life to everyone else

Anonymous said...

Wow! The lady who wrote the post naming the victim and cursing at the people who wrote posts that she didn't agree, while at the same time saying that she would pray for them, needs prayer herself. Firstly, the victim is a CHILD and the man who abused her is a MAN and a PASTOR. 9 times out of 10 when a child is molested, they are sexualized and thus act out sexually. So if it is true that she is promiscuous, it is most likely because she was sexually abused previously, and because that has been her experience, it has created a terrible cycle in her life. So, if anyone needs prayer, it is the victim! Secondly, the pastor, being a man of faith should have been assisting the young lady by locating counseling for her, instead of further victimizing her. Even if she did make advances towards him, he should have been strong enough in his faith to resist the temptation, not only because she was a female other than his wife, but because she was a CHILD.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who actually believes tim is or was guilty then I say to u all... go fuck yourself. Tim is an innocent man. Great preacher and great man of God. Tht lying bitch ruined his life.