Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastor Robert Lee McQueen sentenced

Pastor Robert Lee McQueen was sentenced to 14 years in prison for selling heroin. He was a Baptist.

McQueen - once a pastor at Burning Bush Missionary Baptist Church and the owner of McQ Bail Bonds - was first charged in October 2008 following an investigation by Fayetteville police.

McQueen and two co-defendants were arrested after police searched McQueen's property and found drugs, paraphernalia and money previously marked and used in drug buys by officers.

Well, a pastor must pay the bills right?

Heroin is pretty friggen evil on the scale of drug abuse. I don’t think it’s as bad as crack or speed, but it completely destroys the lives of the people who become addicted. How does the message of Christ reconcile with that?


Andy said...

>> How does the message of Christ reconcile with that?

I'd say it depends on how the book is interpreted; in what message the reader brings to the text before they read it. The message of Christ without those re-interpretations isn't all sweetness and light. There are loads of nasty bits mixed in with the saccharine, and even saccharine isn't just calorie free sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Er... from someone who's known what speed can do, take my word for it: crack, meth and heroin are WAY more destructive than speed.

(Speed is simple amphetamine/caffeine; you may be getting it confused with methamphetamines.)