Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pastor Michael Crippen arrested

MichaelCrippen A tipster sent this one in. You can help too!

Baptist pastor Michael Crippen was charged with downloading child porn from a web site in The Netherlands. His computers allegedly contained at least 100 pornographic images of children. Crippen is the pastor at First Baptist Church of Duenweg in Missouri. The Feds think he is a flight risk.

Crippen was arrested yesterday and remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing on Friday, Oct. 29, 2010. The government has filed a motion that Crippen be held without bond until his trial. Crippen is a danger to the community, the motion states, because he holds a position of trust that provides access to minor children and his residence is located adjacent to an elementary school. The motion also states that Crippen is a flight risk because he has applied for employment as a pastor in another community and had a job interview scheduled for today.

Crippen has a porn addiction.

The federal affidavit says Crippen told investigators he normally looked at pornography in the morning before going to work at his church. Investigators say they found at least 100 images of child porn on his computers.

At least he’s not molesting the kiddies.