Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pastor Lee Porter’s victim speaks

Pastor Lee Porter was send to prison for 8 years after admitting he performed a sex act on his 17-year-old foster daughter. In my original post on Porter's arrest, a Porter apologist named “Open Minded” blamed the victim while attacking me for writing about Porter.

He did the crime so he deserves everything he has coming to him. But I also feel that a 17 year girl who lives with him should be able to say something before it goes on for as long as it did.

It always bothers me when apologist blame the victim. It feels like they are contributing to the continued abuse of the victim. In this case the victim decided to speak to the press. She answers the question posed by “Open Minded”.

She said some people have criticized her for waiting so long to report the crime. But in some ways, she said, she had no choice.

"If I would've said something right away, it would've been his word against mine," she said. "I was in the position, once I moved out, to get information and evidence that I wouldn't have had the chance to get otherwise, if I was still living in their home."

There you go! The victim was in fear of losing the roof over her head. I think that’s strong motivation for remaining silent. Don’t you?

To the victim – If you would like a guest post here on Deep Thoughts to tell your side of the story, please send me an email.

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