Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pastor Aswad Ayinde found guilty

I am taking liberties with the word “pastor" in this case. Aswad Ayinde. aka Charles McGill, is the self-proclaimed profit of his own church and his family are its members. He is accused of raping five of his daughters and impregnating three. HIs abuse, mental, physical, and sexual, spans decades. His religious delusion put him and his bloodline as the only survivors of a pending divine apocalypse. He was convicted and faces 40 years. Make no mistake here, this man is monster.

Ayinde, whose original name is Charles McGill, faces 40 years when sentenced and more than 100 years if convicted of all charges of raping and impregnating four other daughters that he faces in upcoming trials.

"We definitely found the daughter's testimony credible," said juror Suzanne Miller to The Record, as she left the courthouse with fellow jurors. "We all agreed. It was a unanimous decision."

Instead of a prophet, Ayinde was an abusive bully who beat his family into submission.

Ayinde allegedly beat his children in to submission incessantly with objects like wooden boards. According to police reports, he even used steel-toed boots to kick them. The children, who were home-schooled, never attempted to escape or alert anyone of their nightmarish situation. Ex-wife Beverly Ayinde, who has nine children with the offender, claims she would have been beaten if she even uttered the word "pedophile." Yet the woman never turned her demented spouse into authorities either.

In an odd twist,  Aswad Ayinde was also the director of the Fugees’ Killing me softly video. I”ll never be able to watch it again without thinking of this religious nutball.